We work like we live in our local communities…

because we do

Our communities depend on us to deliver safe, reliable energy, but we also want to be a good neighbor. Our people live and work in our local communities and ensure we’re working together to realize a sustainable social, economic and environmental future. We partner with farmers, hospitals, universities, cities, youth programs and more to ensure our communities can see a happier, healthier future coming to life right before their eyes. Because at the end of the day, we care about generating positive and long-lasting impact in the communities.



See the impact we’re making together with our communities.


Electric power can change the life of an entire community, especially in education. When power is not available, many classes are interrupted due to the lack of light which affects the performance of students.

Bison conservation

The American Bison, despite being a native species of Mexico, is critically endangered in the country. The decline in biodiversity has been caused by human intervention in the name of development, but at AES México we believe in economic advancement that is sustainable and responsible.

Gender and Energy

We promote the empowerment of girls and young people in our neighboring communities. In support of this, we organized Gender and Energy workshops at K-12 schools in Mesa La Paz. The interactive workshops included discussions, art activities and a time of reflection about the issue.