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    Our history

    people - 2 workers looking at laptop in front of windmills at sunset
    Our history

    A history of accelerating the future of energy, together

    From its founding and to today, AES has led lasting positive change in the energy sector based on its stakeholders’ most critical needs.

    Areal Trees


    • 1981: Together with eight people, AES formed as an energy development consulting company with Roger Sant as the first CEO
    • 1988: Pioneering the model of Independent Power Producer (IPP), AES became the first and largest IPP in the US with three plants in California, Pennsylvania and Texas
    • 1989: Caring for our carbon before it was common, AES created the first documented carbon offset program in the US by planting 52 million trees in Guatemala to offset carbon emissions from a plant in Connecticut
    Buildings at Night


    • 1991: Going public with investors, AES listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: AES)
    • 1992: Being driven by a common way of working, AES outlined the company’s values in its annual report
    • 1992: Expanding on our work in the United States, AES extended its business globally for the first time to broaden our impact
    • 1997: AES opens up its office in Mexico
    • 1998: Construction began for our Mérida III facility in Yucatán
    Aerial View of Buildings


    • 2000: The S&P 500 welcomed AES
    • 2000: Mérida III entered commercial operation, establishing AES as the first Independent Power Producer in Mexico
    • 2006: Focusing on continuous improvement means continuous benefits for our stakeholders that matters most, AES launched AES Performance Excellence Program (APEX) to drive greater innovation, efficiency and process improvement in its day-to-day operations
    • 2007: AES México acquired Termoeléctrica del Golfo (TEG) y Termoeléctrica Peñoles (TEP)
    • 2007: Mérida III is certified for the first time as Clean Industry with Environmental Performance, certification given by PROFEPA
    • 2007 Mérida III obtained the ISO 14001 certification for the first time
    • 2008: Mérida III received the OHSAS 18001 certification for the fist time
    Certificate Presentation


    • 2011: TEG/TEP is certified for the first time with the ISO 9001
    • 2011: TEG/TEP obtained the OHSAS 18001 certification for the first time
    • 2014: TEG/TEP is certified for the first time with ISO 14001
    • 2015: Mérida III obtained the Recognition of Environmental Excellence granted by PROFEPA
    • 2016: AES México, together with Grupo BAL, created EnerAB, a joint venture aimed to accelerate the renewable energy transition in the country
    • 2016: Mérida III obtained the Safe Company Level 3 certification from the Secretariat of Labor (STPS)
    • 2017: Applying technologies with Measure, AES scaled its drone program to improve safety and increase efficiency
    • 2017: AES México is the first power producer company in Mexico to receive the ISO 55001 Asset Management certification
    • 2018: Setting our sights on a greener future, AES became the first publicly-traded US-based energy company to publish its portfolio’s resiliency to the climate change scenario put forth in the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) with a strategy to its carbon intensity by 70 percent by 2030
    • 2018: Joining forces to usher in an era of firm renewables, together with Siemens, AES launched Fluence, the world’s leading energy storage platform
    • 2018: Construction began for our Eólica Mesa La Paz Wind Farm in Tamaulipas.
    • 2019: Committed to creating the future of energy, AES signed strategic alliance with Google to accelerate the growth and adoption of clean energy through leveraging Google Cloud technology to pioneering innovation in the sector


    • 2020: Eólica Mesa La Paz entered commercial operations
    • 2020: Mérida III successfully recertified as Clean Industry, achieving Environmental Performance Level 2 for the first time
    • 2020: Mérida III gets recertification as a Level 3 Safe Company by the STPS
    • 2020: AES México ranked in the Top 100 most responsible companies in the country
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